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Wild Innocent Shrimp

We thought that shrimp can be more than a shrimp, so we turned it to bigger, juicy and wild piece of food. With sweet chilli and mussels, turning into green or black color with chlorella/squids ink natural coloring it would surprise your guest as a part of hot dish or salad. Highly recommended with white wine or gin based cocktails


(41%) SHRIMP, red gurnard (FISH), whipped cream (MILK), MILK, beef gelatin, CREAM (MILK), salt, acidity regulator (E330, E331, E332), dried glucose syrup, starter culture, ground chilli pepper, garlic powder, food acid (E260), emulsifier (E472b), preservative (E200, E202), sugar, vinegar (SULPHITE), red pepper, modified corn starch, spices, thickener (E415, E412).

Nutritional values / 100g:

Energy: 696 kJ / 171 kca
Fat: 9,0 g,
-of which sat. fatty acids 5,7 g
Carbohydrates 3,7 g,
-of which sugars: 3,3 g
Protein: 12,8 g
Salt: 1,18 g

Storage at temp - 12-40C for 12 months, not allowed to defrost twice

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Defrost: 30 min at temperature +24

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Serving Size: 80*40mm

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Weight per piece: 19,4 g/pc

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Pack: 18 pcs



Seabass And Mussels Wedding

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Wild Innocent Shrimp

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